TO: All Copia Users

FROM: AVERO Information Technology Department

RE: Updated Copia Password Requirements

DATE: October 23, 2018

Effective Sunday October 28, 2018, the AVERO Information Technology Department will be updating the password requirements for Copia. If your current password doesn't meet the updated requirements below Copia will require you to change your password when you login. This change is in line with the updated CAP guideline for user authentication.

Copia Password Requirements

-Minimum Number of characters: 8

-Minimum Number of alphabetic characters: 2

-Minimum Number of numeric characters: 2

-Passwords expire after 90 days.

-Users will be notified that their password will expire 5 days in advance.

-User accounts will be locked after 3 failed sign ins.

Client Services

If you need any assistance with Copia access or a password resets, please feel free to reach out to client services.


Phone: (469)232-9920

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